Piles / Haemorrhoids

Piles, or haemorrhoids, are actually inflamed blood vessels around the anus that occur due to overstraining during bowel movements or after pregnancy in women. Excessive straining may cause these engorged anal cushions to be pushed out and lead to bleeding during defecation.

Over long periods of time, the elasticity of the supporting tissues is weakened and it becomes increasingly difficult for these enlarged blood vessels to return to their original positions in the anal canal, leading to formation of external piles.

Piles FAQs

How are piles classified?

How to differentiate piles from colorectal cancer?

What are the methods for treating piles?

Is surgery recommended for piles?

How much does a piles surgery cost? Can MediSave be used?

How long does piles surgery take? Do I need to be hospitalised?

Is piles surgery painful? What is the recovery period like?

What are some of the treatment options available for piles?

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He is well-published in international journals and has also been invited to speak at various conferences. To date, Dr Kam has performed thousands of gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures, and conducted regular endoscopy training courses for the next generation of medical students.

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